When style meets comfort

When style meets comfort

“Happy feet nurture happy souls!”

Lovers of beautifully fitting shoes, rejoice!

Our line of exquisite footwear is for the 21st century woman just like you.

Launched in 2019, Flore Mirabeau strives to perpetuate the longstanding traditions of French designers who believe that style & comfort aren’t mutually exclusive.

With their timeless designs, superb craftsmanship and perfect fit, our stylish pieces will escort you without fail, no matter what your day looks like. You will not only be the best-heeled woman in the room but the most confident one too.

The Flore Mirabeau Difference

Designed in Paris and handcrafted in one of Italy’s oldest family-owned factories, the shoes are assembled individually, delivering unparalleled fit and comfort consistently.

With a focus on sustainability and long-lasting quality, only limited batches of each style are produced using premium leathers in vibrant hues that allow you to put together a look that is uniquely yours.

In your Flore Mirabeaus, you stand taller with your natural allure shining through and your confidence soaring as you breeze through day and night, the epitome of elegance.