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Beautiful Comfort

Beautiful Comfort

“When your feet are happy, your soul is happy too”

Lovers of beautiful shoes, rejoice!

The Flore Mirabeau collection of exquisite footwear is for 21st century women just like you.

We create timeless pieces that perpetuate the longstanding traditions of French designers who believe that stylish, fashion-forward shoes can not only look good but feel great too. 

Whether you are a business leader, just starting out in your career, or simply a lover of les bonne choses de la vie, Flore Mirabeau’s impeccable selections will always ensure you are the best-heeled woman in the room.

The Flore Mirabeau Difference

We understand that to be chic, today’s woman simply needs her natural allure to shine through – as well as a great pair of shoes!

That’s why our timeless creations are designed in Paris and handcrafted in one of Italy’s oldest family-owned luxury shoe factories, using premium leathers in a range of vibrant colors. Our footwear is comprised of the finest high-quality materials that can easily be repaired or resoled to preserve their original beauty.

Each shoe is assembled on an individual level for unparalleled fit, with the arch and elevation carefully calibrated to naturally improve posture and enhance your gait. And because individuality is at the heart of style, our footwear is only produced in small batches that allow you to put together a look that’s uniquely yours.

You will stand taller, feel more powerful, and have the confidence to breeze through the day and night as the epitome of elegance.